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In the early 1980’s, GAYSAN Gas Spring Co. first started its manufacturing success with automotive spareparts production. As one of the leading manufacturer of gas springs, Gaysan adopted this technology to transformable wall bed furnitures after a long research and development.

After this successful development, in 1986, GAYSAN Furniture Co. was established with the aim to provide space saving furnitures to improve the comfort living experience in the ever-shrinking spaces.

Since than, Gaysan Furniture is the one and the only multy-functional, transformable, wallbed producer in Turkey.

Our Multimo brand, with its range and quality, is among the first 5 producers in the world. As a result of our continuous R&D, tens of our patented functions and techniques provide to today’s ever shrinking places and homes a bigger space and a desired comfort for living.

Our philosophy is not only to produce furnitures passing from father to son, but a continuous after-sales support which enables an even longer usage of  our furnitures. And our reward  coming by this customer oriented service is 100% satisfaction of our around 200,000 customers.

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