Single Wall Beds
Diva Studio 5
This is a smart furniture that meets all needs of a teenager room in a single unit across only 2m long wall.This transformable unit combines a vertically opening single b
Diva Sofa
Diva Sofa, designed to appear as a stylish and comfortable sofa, provides a good view with decorative back panel and box shelves.This is a single wall bed that can functi
Table Bed
Horizontally opening single bed and 2m desk are together. You do not need to remove any items from your desk before opening or closing your bed. Special mechanism always
Diva Nitro
Single wall bed, 2m wide desk, bookcase and closets are together in one unit.. You can use as a bed or as a desk. You do not need to remove any items from your desk befor
Diva Academy
This is a compact studying unit with side opening single bed, closets with sliding doors and 2m long desk functions. Special mechanism lets all items stand on the desk du
Diva Life Set
Your side opening single bed, Diva Life.. With the advantage of having no additional unit at the top, this product has a low height and is suitable also for garrets. Besi
Diva Happy Table
With the table option available for our vertical single bed, we offer 2 units across 1m wall, which would normally take 2m wide space. You do not need to remove any items
Diva Happy
Vertically opening single bed unit. You can make different Multimo sets with modules like wardrobe and table as shown in the photos. Price and size stated is only of bed
You have free space for everything by Gaysan Smart Furnitures. Our single furniture models serves with different functions for different needs thanks to their moving mechanisms. Your bed can transform into a wardrobe.
Todays houses are getting even smaller. Thus, our need for smart furnitures is increasing. Trust the space saving furnitures that are being produced by long years experience of Gaysan and stop furnitures occupying space in your house.
Do your children need more space for playing, or do you want to transform your saloon into a guest room when your friends come? Get more from your home by our foldable wall beds!
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